• CardReader

    CardReader is a cross-platform software utility for reading card IDs from contactless cards, and simulate the user typing it.

  • Redmine

    Project to ask for new features or to report bugs about this Redmine.

    Projet pour demander de nouvelles fonctionnalit├ęs ou pour signaler des bugs dans ce Redmine.

    • Tequila Authentication

      Tequila authentication plugin for Redmine

      Once this plugin is installed, authentication will be performed through

      Feel free to open issues or contact the "responsable informatique" of GNU Generation...

  • TICB

    Tuuva Is Coming Back ( special edition from HES)

  • Eriya

    Robot that responds to commands on IRC and displays titles for webpages and says all kinds of shit.

  • Tuuva Template

    Templates for Reports, CV, ...

  • Unipoly

    Management of the IT part for Unipoly (offered by GNU Generation).

    • UnipolyAchat

      Website for collaborative buying. Full of features for easy management, fast exportation and user-friendly usage. Currently in Yesod, licensed under GPLv3.

Also available in: Atom